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Product Recomendations

DAP Diffuser


Dog Talk: What Your Dog Wants You to Know

Comprehensive Guide to Canine Behavior

Seek-a-Treat Puzzle

Mental stimulation treat toy

Braided Bully Stick

Say No to Rawhide


The Ultimate Daily Multivitamin for All Ages

These products are recommended by Amber L. Drake and are part of the Amazon Affiliate program. Canine Companions will earn a small commission from each purchase.

Get In Touch

Your Best Friend

Deserves the best



Petco offers a number of products including clothing, dog leashes, dog collars, treats, dog food and more.

Most recommended productsby Amber L. Drake:

  • DAP Plug-in

  • Nutro Products Dog Food

  • Nutro Products Greenies


Cesar's Way

Cesar Millan's organization, Cesar's Way, has incredible leashes, collars, training DVD's and more! Amber L. Drake's most highly recommended product is the Bright Light Collar which results in your dog being visible at night. The solar panel on also collects sunlight throughout the day to save the collar's battery life.


Barnes and Noble

Amber L. Drake has several books available for purchase at low-cost for the average pet owner at Barnes and Noble. To see the books she currently has available, please visit the Barnes and Noble website and type in the name "Amber Drake." Her most famous book is titled "All About Dogs." To view the book, click the link below.

Happy Pup


Interested in a FREE course on puppy training developed by Amber L. Drake? Click the link below to register!

Dog in Action

e-Training for Dogs and CCPDT

Amber L. Drake teaches Canine Ethology, Body Language and Observational Skills with e-Training for Dogs which is also Content Area III of the CCBC-KA examination with the CCPDT. Click the button below to view and/or purchase the online, self-paced course. 


Natural Dog Company

Does your dog have dry, cracked paws or a dry,cracked snout? Natural Dog Company offers a natural method for healing. 

Amber L. Drake now partners with Natural Dog Company; use her coupon code (profamber10) to earn 10% off of your order! Click below to shop. 


Raw Paws Pet Food

Raw Paws Pet Food sells food, treats, chews and supplements to support the health of your dog. 

Recommended by Amber L. Drake:

*Bully sticks

*Meaty bones

Basset Hound Check-Up

Embrace Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can help you in hard times. Amber L. Drake is affiliated with Embrace Pet Insurance and recommends investing in pet insurance as early as possible to ensure you are covered should your dog become ill as pre-existing conditions are not covered by pet insurance companies. Obtain a free quote by clicking the link below.

Other Recomendations

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