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Partnerships / Organizations


Jamestown Post-Journal


Amber L. Drake publishes a Dog Column in the Jamestown Post-Journal bi-weekly on Saturdays to answer any questions from the community and discuss pertinent canine behavior topics.

Woman Hugging Dog

Board Member:

Canine Behaviorist

Amber L. Drake serves as a Member of the Board at The mission of SaveARescue is to rescue dogs and cats from kill shelters and place them in an appropriate shelter or home.



Socialization and Relief

Amber L. Drake has partnered with Petco to allow her to better understand their products and point you in the right direction when referring the client to specific items.

Basset Hound Check-Up

Canine Health Writer: PetFirst

Professional Experience

AmberL. Drake develops and writes content related to canine health and veterinary medicine with PetFirst. PetFirst provides high-quality pet insurance to ensure all pets are cared for without the stress of financial burden.

Dog at Vet

Canine Nutrition and Behavior Specialist: PetPremium

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Amber L. Drake has published hundreds of articles with PetPremium informing readers about canine health and behavior. She developed an entire behavior and nutrition branch from the ground up for this organization.

Sweet Dog



Amber has partnered with Rover for all of your boarding needs. Rover takes care of the scheduling, payments and provides your pet with pet insurance. Rover also allows Amber to provide you with photographs and updates throughout the day that you can return to if you would like at a later date.

Rescue Puppy


Canine Behaviorist

Amber L. Drake has partnered with as a Canine Behaviorist discussing critical issues as they pertain to canine behavior and training. She also answers client questions which are commonly asked by pet parents.


Author: Barnes and Noble

Professional Experience

Amber has partnered with Barnes and Noble to write and publish books on canine behavior and training at a low cost for dog lovers.

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day

Humane Society of NWPA

Out and About

The Humane Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania in Erie, PA has endorsed Amber and currently has marketing materials and a copy of her book available for your review.


CCPDT and e-Training for Dogs

Canine Ethology, Body Language and Observational Skills

Amber L. Drake has partnered with e-Training for Dogs and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers to offer a course as part of the CBCC-KA certification. The course has been designed for those interested in studying for the examination as well as for the average dog owner.



Professional Premium Member

Amber L. Drake is a Professional Premium Member with the APDT, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.


APDT Foundation

Board of Trustees: Education

Amber L. Drake is a Member of the Board of Trustees: Education Committee with the APDT Foundation.

Dog Walker

My Dog Has C.L.A.S.S.

Official C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator

Amber L. Drake is now an official C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator via the APDT. C.LA.S.S. is a 3-tiered educational program which promotes positive training and bond strengthening for dogs.

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