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Teacher with Tablet


In addition to providing the above services, Amber L. Drake also provides teaching services to pet rescue organizations, colleges, trade schools and more! Amber L. Drake specializes in online education; so many organizations choose her for their online training and learning needs.


Book and Article Writing

Amber L. Drake has written hundreds of articles for organizations including PetFirst, PetPremium and several magazines. In addition to her availability for article writing, she has also published books with Barnes and Noble regarding puppy and dog behavior.


Public Speaking

Are you searching for a professional canine behaviorist to speak at an event, conference or seminar? Amber L. Drake is available for public speaking events.

Dog Walker

Dog Boarding

Interested in boarding your dog in a home environment rather than a kennel environment? Amber L. Drake accepts all dogs; there are no restrictions on size, gender or breed.


dog running with toy

CBD Writing Services

I have been involved with several organizations in the world of CBD and how it relates to dogs (and humans). I understand the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids, terpenes, among all other essential information regarding how CBD can help dogs with various ailments. 

Contact me today for writing services!

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