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The Full Spectrum Approach to Cancer Care

This course is designed to help you understand Dr. Dressler’s full-spectrum approach to canine cancer care from a behavioral standpoint. There are ways to help a dog with cancer as a Canine Behaviorist, or even simply as your dog’s pet parent.

Ethology, Body Language, and Observation Skills

This course is designed to help you study for Content Area III-Canine Ethology Body Language and Observational Skills –of the CCPDT’s behavior consultant test; Certified Behavior Consultant-Canine Knowledge Assessed (CBCC-KA).

The Pit Bull

This course will provide a general overview of the Pit. Topics which will be covered include the following:

  • Breed profile of the Pit Bull

  • Legislation & Legal issues related to the Pit Bull

  • Pit Bulls in Shelters


Puppy Training 101

Did you recently adopt a puppy or are you having trouble training your new puppy? This online course will assist puppy parents with learning, training and caring for their new companion. If you, at any time, have any questions throughout the course or if there is any information not included in the course you would like to learn please feel free to contact Amber L. Drake any time.

Canine Nutrition

Coming Soon

Solving Common Canine Behavioral Problems

Coming Soon

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